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The Kansas Volunteer Commission presents five Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) learning sessions to provide participants with an introduction to DEI concepts and vocabulary. The course developed by  Dr. Bongi Wenyika addresses the following topics: â€‹History, Immigration, Assumptions and Myths About What is American; Definition, Dimension, and Types of Diversity; Dynamics of Inequality; Understanding Disability by Challenging Ableism Through Inclusive Practices; Raising Awareness of LGBTQIA Challenges in Communities.

This is an on-demand course that participants can progress through at their own pace.

Each learning session in the course will have a pre-recorded video and a workbook in Google Classroom. The workbooks will contain activities to be completed while following each video, homework, reflective exercises to help participants think about what they have learned, and resource lists for further learning about each topic.

In addition, Google Classroom will have a general DEI resource library with resources that are not specific to the course but are relevant to DEI work and learning.

The cost for the entire five-part DEI course is $25. Once registered, invoices will be sent the Friday following the registration date. Invoices must be paid before access to the course will be granted. Credit cards are not accepted. Scholarships are available upon request. 

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