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"Community engagement is based on the democratic idea that everyone affected by an issue that impacts their community should have a say in its decision-making. It, moreover, holds the promise that public participation can influence decisions that affect the provision of services, future visions, and sustainability of our communities."

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Types of Community Engagement include, but are not limited to:


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Direct Service

Involves working to address the immediate needs of a community or individual. This is one of the most well-known types of Community Engagement. This engagement consists of giving personal time, energy, or resources to accomplish a common goal of your choosing.

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Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility

Utilizes ethical business or private sector approaches to create or expand corporate solutions to social or environmental issues. You may be someone who wants to start a business to tackle a social issue or a passionate individual who wants to partner with the private sector to address a problem.

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Community Engaged Learning & Research

Connecting coursework and research on community issues to raise awareness and inform action on social issues. Rooted in research, this type of Community Engagement informs actions with data.

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Policy & Governance

Involves participating in political processes, policy-making, and public governance. You can be in your local PTA, volunteer to work during a local election or advocate for legislation that affects your community.

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Involves donating or using private funding or contributions from individuals or institutions to benefit the community or the greater good. Support can be more than financial and can include donating your time and energy towards a cause important to you. You can organize campaigns or fundraisers on your own and be a philanthropist!

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Community Organizing & Activism

Individuals working to educate and mobilize other people or groups to take collective action on social issues, influence and persuade others, and any passionate individual can be a community organizer or activist!




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